This Family Cycling – Boathouse & Picnic Cycle is either a great addition to the ‘Doon the river circuit’ or as a standalone cycle into a beautiful and very quiet valley.

Length: Approx. 8.5 miles – 14 km
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hr
Ascent: 465 ft. – 140 m
Terrain: Tarmac & Gravel
Difficulty: Green


  • River Ullapool rushing down the valley with the option for a dip at some pools close to the bridge.
  • Beautiful Loch Achall beside the route and always great for a break.
  • Aim for the boathouse as a halfway point.
  • Combine with the village route and grab a coffee at the Deli.


The first climb is up the start of the quarry road, it’s steep but short. You then have a nice ride on a mix of tarmac and gravel with a short climb to the pit. Here you can have a quick stop at the top to get a cracking photo down the Glen (valley) with Loch Achall.

You then have an easy ride down to the bridge, where you can have a cool down in the pool on a nice day if you’re keen! (Just leave the bike at the bridge and walk left along downstream on the right-hand side of the river)

Once you’re dried off the ride along the Loch is stunning and smooth until you get to the boathouse. This is a perfect Glen for a picnic or just time to soak the nature around you in.

Once you are re-energised and ready to tackle the return just take the same route you got here back.

Gallery Family Cycling – Boathouse & Picnic Cycle

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