This Family Cycling – Doon the River Circuit is perfect for families or beginners that would like to take in the sights of our wee village. Once you leave our Hut, you can take a visit to the ‘West Coast Deli’ to get a takeaway lunch to set you on your way.

Length: Approx. 3 miles – 5 km
Duration: 2-3 hrs* (includes stop offs)
Ascent: 150 ft. – 50 m
Terrain: Road / light-trail
Difficulty: Green


  • Beautiful river paths and sights of the village
  • Various cafes, restaurants/pubs en-route
  • Swing parks, leisure centre and duck pond en-route
  • Easy and fun


The first stop, we suggest a visit to the Ullapool play-park or ‘Lochbroom Leisure Centre’, where you
can go for a swim, play tennis/badminton and various other family-friendly activities to make the
most of your day.

Next, you follow the road round to the western end of Ullapool, with views of Loch Broom and up to
the ‘Summer Isles’ in the distance. This is where the River-Paths start, with a fairly steep but
concreted slope down the ‘Bull-Park’. You follow the river running upstream and cross the
footbridge. Keeping left off the bridge you will soon come to the ‘duck-pond’ which is a nice wee
stop to say hello to our local residents!

Now turning back on yourself, you stay left again before the bridge and along past the football pitch
and where you meet the light trail river path and follow the Ullapool River upstream to the
Morefield steps. Looping round, you’ll take the eventual gradual climb to the Morefield play-park
with a good variety of swings and open space to stop and enjoy your lunch.

The return journey, you head down along by the football pitch and back along the first footbridge,
the option to turn left into the ‘Mill Park’ for a quick wee additional loop, before following the river
back towards where you began and keeping right to enter the ‘Bull Park’. Following the river
towards the sea is a nice open spaced path that is very popular with dog-walkers alike.

Eventually looping round and heading towards ‘Broomfield Campsite’ where you need to go through
a wee gate onto the site. Please keep on the road and staying left, you will exit the Campsite and the
‘Arch Inn’ immediately on your right is a perfect option for a final refreshing stop.

Otherwise, keep right and you will join onto West-Shore Street and pass the Ferry Terminal and back
to the Hut, your final destination.

This is route can be done with a Mountain Bike or a Hybrid.

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