The Loch a’ Bhraoin to Dundonnell route is an absolute gem, due to its stunning location and remoteness, you can allow yourself to really disconnect from the outside world and discover the rugged landscape of the ‘Fisherfields’ area.

Length: Approx. 15 miles – 24 km
Duration: 2-4 hrs
Ascent: 1132 ft. – 345 m
Terrain: Off-road
Difficulty: Red

Note: Unless you want to cycle back along the main road, 2 cars are advisable at the start point and endpoint.


  • Spectacular views
  • Remote area, very quiet
  • Epic final descent and views of the waterfall
  • At the finish, you are 2 miles from the Dundonnell Hotel and Bar


The first part of the route is a pleasant start with a well build fire-track to the head of Loch a’ Bhraoin itself. The shingly shoreline along the Northern side of the loch can be quite challenging and sticky. At the foot of the Loch, you’ll find a Bothy and a gate to go through as the path disappears suddenly.

You are now at the entrance to the Fisherfields, you begin to sweep round to the right into the glen with stunning peaks either side of you. The undulating ‘stalkers path’ can be quite boggy in places but passable and would say 50% rideable.

As you pass Loch an Nid, you will follow the river, heading north, this will be approx. halfway, bearing in mind there’s a steep climb to come before the final descent. Following the river, the Glen begins to open up and staying right of the river you will eventually see a path heading up the final climb.

The climb is approx. 2 miles long with an 850ft height gain, with an average elevation of 10% and a max of 18%, making it 40-60% rideable, depending on your fitness level.

As you reach the summit (1,200ft) you are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Fisherfields and the awe-inspiring peaks of An Teallach. The final descent of 2.5 miles is well pathed and steep, to begin with. The shingly surface and sudden switchbacks are what makes this a technical and difficult descent.

However, with caution is certainly rideable for competent riders. The path follows the ‘Cape Wrath Trail’ therefore popular with walkers so expect to see some company for the first time.

As you take the initial descent, you will see to your right a cascading waterfall that you cross over at its shallowest point (all rideable) and follow the river on your left down the final 2 miles to the main road and to the finish.