After having a successful 1st season of bike hiring we were hoping for the same again for season 2.
We expanded our fleet of bikes and invested in some e-bikes as this was one thing that was asked by our customers.

We had great advice from Dryburgh cycle, one of our suppliers, to guide us in the right direction on what was a good all-around bike for our area. As you know there are plenty of steep inclines in the Ullapool area which can be challenging even for the more experienced rider.

Summer 2022 and the e-bike revolution

We noticed with the COVID-19 restrictions easing more and more people were taking the chance to go abroad again, this was a challenge for us as a small business to capture people’s interest…..this is where the e-bikes come in!

They were a great hit for us and our customers loved them. This gave people that extra boost when needed to get up that hill or cycle that little bit further to enjoy the amazing scenery we have to offer up here in the northwest, sorry there’s nothing we can do about the midges though!

Overall we had a great season and it wouldn’t have been without the help from some amazing people we worked with.

We had our first staff night out near the end of our season to thank our staff. We had an amazing meal at the Arch Inn and maybe a few too many drinks to celebrate our 2nd successful season. Our pictures will show you some idea of what we are up to!

We would like to thank everyone that booked with us and hope you enjoyed yourself and hope to see you again next season. Now go and enjoy Christmas and New year….have a good one!

Ride hard……🤣😜🚵🏻‍♀️

P.S.: Our e-Bikes can be rented anytime over the winter. Just book online, email us or send a personal message on social media.