I`m born in Berlin, Germany in 1984 and lived a very lively childhood in East Germany and with 6 years onwards in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Ben Mueller Ullapool
With my bigger brother Edgar on an early bicycle in East Germany.

In 2011 I walked the West Highland Way from Milngavie to Fort William with my friend Martin Haxter. Roundabout halfway I meet Rosie in a pub (as you still find us nowadays sometimes), we hit it off right away and my life moved into an amazing direction together with her.

Ben Mueller Ullapool
Rosie and I.

Fast forward, 9 years later we made Ullapool our home. After living 7 years together in Edinburgh we finally moved up to the village in September 2018. We had the sheer luck to have a lot of helping hands around us to make our dream come true and getting the house we love.

Ben Mueller Ullapool
View over Ullapool.

We are still fairly new to the village but as walking guides, we have been all over Scotland for years and know all walking areas very well. Ourselves run a walking company called Mckenzie Mountaineering – Guided Walking Adventures since 2012.

Getting into cycling has been only a fairly recent addition to my usual walking routine. I`m enjoying it highly, and the new endeavour with the Ullapool Bike Hire is an inspiring direction I fully embrace and cant wait to have the first full season with it.

Especially working together with Tom and Matthew is amazing fun (Table number 15 in the Morefield will be remembered forever) and we are hoping to be here for a long time to come and support the community where we can in the future.

My favourite route at the moment is along Loch Achall and over to Leckmelm, this is one of the very few I have done so far (on an eBike). I`m hoping to get out much more and explore Ullapool and surroundings in the future to come.

Ben Mueller Ullapool
My friends, Mike`s e-bike.

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